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This two-pocket wet bag is designed especially for my perfect little hankies, but it could also be used for anything that needs a durable waterproof lining (mama cloth, wet wipes, cosmetics, swim suits, etc.). Perfect for use in your car, diaper bag, back pack, or purse. Now your soft hankies can conveniently travel with you wherever you go.

Sizes: Small is 7x6 inches, it can hold about 6 little hankies

Medium is 7x8 inches, it can hold about 12 little hankies

Large is 7.5x10 inches, it can hold about 24 little hankies

Need a custom size? Send me a conversation.

*The first two photos show the medium and large sizes in the red dot print. The last three photos show a size medium in a different fabric; these photos show are used to show the general features of my hanky bags. This listing is for the red and white dot print.*

The outer fabric is 100% cotton canvas with a red & white polka dot print. One side has a white zipper for the clean hankies. Flip the bag over and you will see a black zipper for the dirty hankies. This leak-proof pocket is completely lined with waterproof PUL fabric. This system of light zipper=clean, dark zipper=dirty is simple enough for a small child to understand. As you empty out the clean pocket, it gives more room to transfer hankies to the dirty pocket. The snapped loop strap can be used to attach the wet bag to the handle of your tote bag, purse, or car seat. The bag is safe for your washer and dryer. You can also wipe out the inside of the dirty pocket.

Hankies are sold separately.

I designed this wet bag to combat the problem with loose hankies in our diaper bag. We quit buying paper tissues in favor of our soft homemade hankies. Our cloth hankies were easy enough to use at home, but a stack of clean hankies in the diaper bag always turned to a chaotic mess by the end of church. The hanky travel bag neatly solved this problem. My family was so thrilled with my design that they convinced me to sell the bags in my shop!

All items are sewn by me in my pet-free and smoke-free home.

"These little bags are just so handy . This is my third order for the hanky bags. I keep them in the car,my bag , kid backpack to keep track of the clean and dirty mask 😷. Great purchase and great seller. Thank you 😊"
-ncopp07 on Etsy

"Love the fabric, color and pattern, but I love most that it is so well thought out, A loop with a good snap closure for putting on a purse, gym bag or stroller handle. Lined with wet resistant fabric, and a divider: dark zipper indicates used, white zipper closure on opposite side indicates clean. I love that these bags come in many sizes. I ordered small because this is just for me. Works well."
-Phyllis Alden on Etsy