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The handkerchief is the age-old tool for combating sniffles and tears. Unfortunately, it has been largely replaced in modern times with paper tissues. It’s time to fire your box of Kleenex!

Experience true comfort for your poor nose with these soft cotton hankies. They are so much better than their paper counterparts because they are so soft and so much more absorbent. Their reusable nature makes them better for your budget and your planet.

My little hankies are the perfect size to use once or twice. Stack clean hankies in a basket and toss used ones in the dirty clothes. These hankies are easy to wash, just toss them in with any load.

The Facts: Size: 7x7 inches (18x18 cm)

Count: 6, 12, or 24

Fabric: Two layers of 100% organic cotton jersey knit

Color: natural

Thread color: natural (Custom sizes and thread colors are available, just send me a message.)

Now you can travel with your hankies! My hanky bags have pockets for stashing clean and dirty hankies separately. It is perfect to carry with you in your purse, diaper bag, backpack, or car. Hanky bags sold separately.

Washing instructions: Cotton is sturdy and able to be washed and dried in hot temperatures. The fabric has been pre-washed and pre-shrunk, but the hankies may continue to shrink a tiny bit more. To avoid more shrinkage, you may want to wash in cool water and tumble-dry medium. Cotton (like all natural plant fibers) will increase in absorbency after it has been washed 5-10 times to remove the natural oils. Small amounts of bleach may be used when necessary. Choose a scent-free detergent and avoid all fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These chemicals coat absorbent fibers and make your towels and wipes less absorbent. They also pollute the air in your home and neighborhood. Yuck!

The story behind my perfect little hankies: For most of my life, I was a great consumer of paper facial tissues. Any time I had a cold would involve a lot of nose blowing until I had used up every box in the house, forcing my mom to go out and buy more. Garbage cans were always overflowing with used tissues (eww!). As I started my own family, I decided to use cloth diapers on my children. This led to an interest in other reusable products for the home, like cloth napkins and handkerchiefs. I first bought men’s handkerchiefs and stacked them folded in a basket. I found that they were too large and too thin for my liking. I started cutting up jersey fabric (old t-shirts work well) and used those instead. I liked them because they were softer and more absorbent than the handkerchiefs, but my husband still complained that they were still too thin. I made them even thicker by sewing two layers of fabric together, and we pronounced it perfect! Now we don’t have to stock up on boxes of Kleenex, and we never run to the store in the middle of the night for more tissues when we all have colds. When our hanky supplies run low, we just toss another load in the wash.

All items are sewn and packaged by me in my smoke-free and pet-free home.

"These hankies are wonderful replacements for single use tissues. Instead of a tissue box on my bathroom sink, I now use a mason jar with all 12 of these hankies stuffed inside (I fold them so they pull out the top just like tissues!). This system has worked so well, friends and family have requested sets of their own. I ordered three more bunches!"
-K K on Etsy

"I ordered this set for my husband after he stole mine. He loves them, they're very soft! The seller was great to work with! When I told her why I was ordering more hankies, she sent me two extra lace ones in the package. I will definitely buy from her again! :)"
-Anonymous on Etsy

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Anne A.
United States United States
cloth hankies

I really like the hankies and have given them as gifts Anne