Meet Joy

I learned to sew at the feet of my mother as I watched her make my clothes, and I made many of my own clothes as a teenager. When I became a mother, I learned to sew cloth diapers for my own babies. This led to a discovery of wonderful fabrics like hemp and bamboo. I started selling cloth diapers and diaper covers on in 2005, and eventually branched into selling hankies and dish cloths in 2011. Those took off so well that I eventually decided to open my own website here on Shopify in 2020.

I can often be found sitting at my 1960 Singer sewing machine. I also take time to homeschool my six children, teach violin lessons, and grind wheat to make bread. After many years of study and prayer about my diet, I follow a plant-based whole food diet and I feel better than ever. I am married to my best friend, and I follow the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I lived in Ketchikan, Alaska off and on from 1998 - 2019. We now live in Boise, Idaho where the sun shines more often and we can have a huge vegetable garden that doesn't get destroyed by giant slugs.