Hemp Dish Drying Mat

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Upgrade your kitchen with an eco-friendly dish drying mat! Custom made to the size and edge color you wish from two layers of a thick hemp/organic cotton blend fabric. Slip it under your dish drainer or place your wet dishes right on the mat. Hemp is naturally super thirsty and mildew resistant!

My towels, wash cloths, and dish cloths are made from two layers of soft 55% hemp 45% organic cotton french terry fabric, sewn together with the scrubby, bumpy side out. The fabric is a natural, unbleached color. This bath mat has been quilted together to keep the two sides from pulling apart. The edges are stitched together with colored thread, please indicate your desired color upon checkout.

The BEST PART about these drying mats is that they are made out of hemp. We could go on forever about how sustainable, absorbent, and long lasting the hemp fiber is. But the most wonderful thing about hemp for a bath mat is this: you can leave it wet for awhile and it won't get that funky smell. That's because hemp is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It does not attract and collect those yucky microbial friends that can make your cotton towels get a funky smell. Hemp is also more absorbent than cotton. These mats are made from pre-washed fabric, but they will continue to get a little more absorbent each time you wash them, reaching full absorbency after about 6-7 washings.

Don't forget to buy matching hand towels and wash cloths, I have lots of sizes available. If you would like a different size of bath mat, towel, or wash cloth that is not found in my shop, I can gladly make a custom for you, just ask!

Hemp is a durable fiber. You may wash and dry these the same way you do your cotton towels. I do recommend that you use a detergent without chemical fragrances, dyes, or fabric softeners. You should avoid all fabric softeners (including dryer sheets). These will not ruin your towels, but they will coat the fibers and make them less absorbent (as well as pollute the air in your home and neighborhood). Bleach will make the fibers break down and wear out, but a little splash of bleach in your washing machine once a month shouldn't hurt. If your towels or wash cloths start to get stained or get a funky smell that won't wash away, try drying them outside on a line (sunshine is great for battling stains and odors). A few drops of tea tea oil in the wash will also help kill any mildew that gets an upper hand in your towels.